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Spookifying the Mantle!

I've had some fun these last few days with a few simple Halloween projects.

I then decided to put most of them on my mantle. One did get moved to the sofa table. :) So without any ado, lets get this motor started.
 So here's the mantle and I'm loving all of the different elements to it. I had most of the ingredients on hand, but what I did buy was the creepy fabric (Dollar Store find!) and the black beans and the great northern beans (just over a $1 at Walmart!).  The chrome skulls I painted up last year, along with the monster vases.  I had the spanish moss from other decor projects, and oh did you see the wreath that I  layered over the paper wreath? I'm so in love with that wreath, but more on that later. ;)

Here's the sofa table, that is in the direct line of sight from the hallway to the mantle - so it always gets included in the decorating. This year I bought another paper mache' skull from Michael's and took the glittery black glitter glue and covered the skull in it. Dana gave me the ginger jar a few years back so I stuffed it full of moss and then placed the skull in it. Love that effect! On the other side, is my glitterfied pumpkin from a few years ago, and just some left over glitter black leaves from the wreath project.

So now onto the ins and outs of  the mantle and table. Just some close ups, and maybe some more commentary.
 I love this little ghost vase. I should really get some pictures with the lights on. Why do all the good ideas come to me as I'm typing up the posts?
 A quick visit  to the Graphics Fairy got me some appropriate Halloween pictures. I love her site. She's got such great graphic finds.
 I layered in some more moss and then placed a  skull on a candlestick a la Shakespeare. Some more Dollar Store decorations litter the moss and the mantle. I love their creepy little touch.
 Here's a closer view of the wreath. I'm going to share how I made this wreath tomorrow, but first I'm going to give you a closer close-up. :)
Love me some marabou! Oh and glitter. I mean its really no secret that I have a glitter fascination - so the glittered leaves and spider are the perfect touch, especially since I fear spiders in a way big way. The only time I'm not afraid? When I'm holding a hammer.

So  tomorrow I'm going to share the super simple steps for the wreath, but I hope you enjoyed the quick tour today!

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