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So I know I've mentioned that I've gone back to work, but what I haven't advertised is that I now work at Lowe's.

I'm a cabinet specialist (aka - kitchen designer), and I love my job. I didn't think I would because it was such a change from staying home with the kiddos, but I really do love being out of the house and contributing to the household. I miss the guys, of course, and the retail hours take some getting used to, but all in all I think everyone is adapting well.

One of the perks of working at Lowe's is seeing what goes on clearance pretty early on.

Like this pendant -
I got this beaut for less than $40 from originally being $160. LOVE!!!

She's the new jewelry over the kitchen sink. She doesn't produce much light, but lord she's gorgeous.

What do ya'll think?


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