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It's a me plaid.

So you know when you see something and you go, "that is so me," and then you go ahead and get it cause it "so you."

This happened a while back, cause ya know I hoard fabric, I found a great tangerine madras plaid and had to have it. So I got my requisite 3 yards and waited for the perfect pattern. This process is not fool proof - hence the fabric hoarding - but it does work because I found a pattern!

Enter McCall's 6649. It's a Laura Ashley and I don't know how I felt about that but the blouse is cute, as long as I can get used to the faux tie.

The whole pattern was pretty straight forward but I will say that the collar was a pain. I'm still feeling out how I like the shirt with my outfits but this staple seems to work.

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