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Hats Galore!

What is it about babies that brings about the need to have hats for them?

Even before we knew what flavor Reagan was going to be, I was planning on hats. Lots of hats. Babies need hats. Babies don't particularly like hats, at least not my babies, but they need hats because they're all born near or in winter.

Combine said need with the awesomely new found skill of crocheting and you've got a hat making monster on your hands.

There is a problem with hats tho. You never know how big the baby's head is going to be. Harrison had a evenly sized head. Right on track for his age. Devlin had a humongous head. Reagan takes after Devlin. She has a big head too. Its a cute head, but its still a big head. At 2 weeks old, her head circumference was 14". That's the size of a 3 month old's head!

So I have a bunch of hats that don't fit my baby girl's head, but that's ok, cause they're getting donated to local hospitals. I'm sure they'll fit some baby's head.

Of all the hats I made Rae, only 3 fit, and that's being generous. One doesn't fit that great, and she hates it. The other 2 she likes tho! Score 1 for Mom!

So the first hat I made her was this adorable ear flap hat from this Micah Makes Pattern. I love this pattern. I have made hats for the boys and the hubs from this pattern and its perfect every time. I've also started to change it a bit, because I like more pointy ear flaps, but that's just personal taste. So here's the hat I made for Reagan from this pattern. I love the pom pom!

The next hat is another one I love, but I did have to alter the pattern a bit (and I don't remember what I did) because it wasn't coming down far enough over her ears for my taste. Its inspired by this hat from Alli Crafts.

Obv, I had to add a little bling to it. I do love me some sparkly buttons! Its also fun playing dress up with the baby girl. Old Navy and I have been friends of late. Love the sparkly cords to go with her sparkly hat!

Ok so those are a few of the hats that have been made for miss. As she grows I guess I'll have to start banging out some more hats for her. :) Oh but I haven't even shown off the headbands yet, so I guess that'll be another post. :)


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