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Flight of the Butterfly

If you follow Straight Stitches on Facebook or follow me on Instagram (haboyajian), then you know a few days ago I shared a photo with a 1/2 done project. Well that 1/2 done project is now fully done and on display in Rae's room.

I know this isn't your typical sampler for a baby's room, but the boys both have cross stitch samplers in their room and I didn't want Rae to feel left out. I don't particularly enjoy cross stitch though. I mean, I can do it, I just don't like too. I get about 85 - 90% done and then I usually put the project down and forget about it. All those finishing stitches are annoying, which is why I didn't want to do a cross stitch sampler for Rae. That and I only half-heartedly looked for a sampler and I didn't  find any that I had  to have.

I did a couple of google image searches for modern baby samplers and quilled art, and then VOILA! Inspiration hit. After some playing in photoshop and more google searches for appropriate butterfly images, my butterfly sampler was taking flight.

I did opt to 'freehand' the lettering on her sampler and by that I mean, print out my master copy of the sampler and lay it over a light box with my nice cardstock and trace around the letters. All of the inside touches on the lettering is all me though! I think I did pretty good!

Then it was on to the paper play. Using free time any time I could, I glued up those strips of paper. All told it probably took a good 3 days to get the butterfly done, but I feel like it was totally worth it.

I found the glittery frame at Michael's and when I saw it I knew instantly that it was what I wanted to frame the sampler in. Thank goodness for sales!


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