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The Monday Report

Welcome to the very first edition of the Monday Report!

Remember last week when I mentioned I had a plan?

And remember when I said Thursdays would be for you guys, and Mondays for me?

Welcome to Monday.

I'm very excited to recap the 10th week of my training with you guys. You'll get to see what a nut case I am, in case you haven't already noticed.

First, I'm going to give y'all a little history about this particular training program. Its time-based not distance-based. That's new for me.

My previous training plans have all been distance-based.

There has been some discussion about time vs. distance based plans, in the fact that time may not push you as hard as distance does.

I'm not having that problem. In fact, up until this week, I may have been pushing to hard, which would explain the level of hate my hips are displaying right now.

I was having problems pacing myself. Finishing the first 3 miles in 30 minutes is not the way to start a 90 minute run, when you're shooting for an 11:25 pace. Needless to say, at the 40 minute mark, I was walking. It was not a pretty run. I did set new PR's for my 5k and 10k times, which was frustrating and awesome, at the same time.

The Rundown

Week 10 Training Recap

Training went well, but not great.

Monday's run was muggy and humid. Typical summer run. I was better about pacing myself, which was good. I didn't do my long run on Saturday, like I should have, it got done Sunday. This week then started off right after that run. It could also help explain why Tuesday was the way it was.

I didn't run Tuesday, because of the level of anger seeping from my lower back and hips. I decided to make that a rest day. It also helped that I  had a chiropractor appointment that day, and I got all fixed up that afternoon. This has become a pattern, and I need to admit that I can't run 5 days a week. I need to back off the speedwork, and replace the first speedwork session with cross training. Spinning will hopefully ease the angry hips and back, while still helping my training.

Some more history on me, I am prone to lower back pain, and my hips are not happy. They don't like to stay aligned. I blame the babies and genetics. Thanks genetics. I can always tell when they shift, because everything from my lower back on down to my ankles hurt, and not in a muscles have been worked way - its more of an it's going to rain and I know this because my bones hurt. Getting old sucks.

Why isn't there a pamphlet on how much being in your 30's sucks for pain? My 20's didn't hurt like this. Then again I was overweight and didn't exercise in my 20's. I may have figured out my problem.

I digress. Back on topic.

I did pull a double duty day on Wednesday, and that was fine. My calves were tight, but after I warmed up they were fine. I'm hoping they will calm down with the adjustment to the training. The run in the morning was amazing! It was so lovely out. I wish all summer runs could be just like that one. I hit up Zumba later in the morning. My hip did start complaining at the tail end of class.

Thursday was another rest day, but my legs were stiff. The hamstrings and adductors were tight, but luckily they did loosen up, a little.

Friday was speed work, and luckily one of the girls from MRTT was doing some speed work as well. I went off plan, but doing speed work with a friend is so much better than by yourself. I'm glad I got up and got it done. It was a great run.

The long run was Saturday. Race day is 5 weeks away, and I haven't run more than 10 miles since Rock 'N Roll Nashville. Eeeek. I've done a couple of 8 milers, but nothing more than that. My goal for Saturday was to run 9.5 miles or for 105 minutes, whichever comes 2nd. Well 9.5 miles was the 2nd one, not by much though. I ran 9.5 miles in 107:09. Not to shabby. My pace was pretty spot on.

My splits were:

  1. 11:10
  2. 10:43
  3. 11:10
  4. 11:09
  5. 11:27
  6. 11:19
  7. 11:28
  8. 11:16
  9. 11:45
  10. 11:29 (average pace for the 1/2 mile)
Mile 4.75 is where I turned around and my hips really started getting angry. I don't know what the deal was, because the first half of the run was amazing. It was freeing, and then I turned around. Ugh. The latter half of the run was a struggle in keeping a consistent pace. 

I am happy that my average pace for the run was 11:16, which is perfect for beating my 2:30:00 goal for Virginia Beach. Hopefully, I can keep it up. Next week is a 10.5 mile run. Oh and maybe I'll try taking a picture where I'm not making the same face after each run. Sheesh.....

Motivational Moment

My goals for this week

Go to one spin class
Really push on Speedwork Day
Continuing to work on maintaining pace on the Long Run

Well there it is. Out for all to see. Now its time to get it done. 

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  1. and an inspiration to so many. Luv your favorite mother in law!!