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Saving My Sanity - Organizing the Littles' Bathroom

This project shouldn't have taken as long as it did. It did, though, because I was taking my time and rationing my time between a lot of projects this last week.

This is the only one I've gotten done. I'm so close on the others.

I really like this little update. I have since I first saw it being done a while back.

I'm not going tell you how I did it. Its fairly self-explanatory, and if you really must know, I referenced this blog post - {HERE}.

Here are a few things I did and learned during this project.

First, I stained my wooden plaque in Weathered Gray from Rustoleum, but it wasn't dark enough, so then I followed up with a light pouncing of Antiquing Glaze by Valspar. Its a fun little anthracite color.

I've used it a lot this week. I'm surprised my nails aren't permanently grungy looking. If I didn't stain the wood, this project would've probably taken about 30 minutes from start to finish.

Then it was just a matter of screwing things down. I had a lot of problems getting my screw through the metal clamp. I ended up driving a large nail through the metal into the hole I'd drilled for the screw, then I just took the nail out and screwed the clamp and wood into the wall anchor.

I love that Small Fry can reach it and put his stuff away, and I love that Baby Girl can't reach it, and I'll no longer find things painted in toothpaste! Or find her toothbrush destroyed beyond belief by her doing who-knows-what to it.


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