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Pattern Review - Vogue 8868

Earlier this week, I reviewed the dress pattern for my Gold Cup dress and I said I was going to do a review of the hat pattern.

Today is that day!

I can't be the only person who goes out and buys patterns when they're on sale for those what-if and could-be moments.

I have a ton of patterns, and most of them are someday patterns. Someday I'll do something with them. Someday I'll make this. Someday patterns.

Thank goodness for my someday ways, because for this particular pattern someday came along when I wasn't happy with my hat options for my dress.

I have a couple of hat patterns, but decided that Vogue 8868 was just the thing to top off my dress.

Vogue 8868

I did have trouble deciding between views D and E, but I decided on view E because I've done fascinators with netting before, and wanted something different. Since the dress had a bow at the back, I figured that a bow on my head would be fitting.

Sorry for the blurriness of the picture. Apparently lack of breakfast that morning was catching up with me.

The pattern is not difficult. This particular view didn't require anything extraordinary material wise either. In fact, I didn't have to buy anything extra for it. I had the stiff netting and the fabric, and Mom had the heavy-weight craft interfacing. So a quick trip down to her house, garnered me everything I needed.

There is some hand-sewing to finish off the hat, but its minute.  You could even hot glue the bow to the hat rather than stitching it down. I considered it, but the needle was already threaded.

This was such a fun hat, and the fact that I got to wear sky-high hair, was even more fun. I've never worn victory rolls before, so after some searching and watching youtube videos, I felt fairly confident that I could pull this off.

I think I nailed the look.

Have a great weekend!

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