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Heroes, Legends, and Villains, OH MY!

Soooooooooo...this isn't Heather.  It's her little sister, Dana!  Isn't that quite exciting?  Why have I commandeered her blog?  Commandeered, nautical term.  Name the film.

Ten points to you!  Right, why am I here?  To tell you about my latest baby.  Nope, not a baby as in diapers-crying-oh-crap-I-don't-want-to-break-it.  Rather, my latest book.  A book?!  That's crazy talk.  Maybe, but it's true.  I released the first one, Skateboards, Magic, and Shamrocks about three years ago.  Then I thought, "Oh!  I bet I can get the next one out in about a year!"  Hah!  Silly me.  So what's that one about?  Well...

There's Taryn, who's a bit feisty (understatement) and Ozzie, who is funny and goofy.  Oh, and they used to be best friends.  Used to be?  Why used to be?  Spoilers. :-) You'll have to read the book to find out.  Anyway, they get dropped into a magical world together with naught but the jammies on their backs just about.  Fun times!  These two need to figure out how to get home and hopefully avoid getting killed while they're at it.  Oh, and there's that pesky used to be best friends thing as well, which will be tricky to balance during the not getting killed.

Sounds interesting, doesn't it?  I think it's quite fun and sweet and exciting and sad and funny and whimsical.  Then again, I'm biased.

So what about the second one, then?  The one that just came out?  Well, that one is called Heroes, Legends, and Villains.  Oh, quite an exciting title, isn't it?  **Spoiler Alert**  Taryn and Ozzie are back.  I guess that whole not getting killed thing went pretty well.  OR DID IT?!  Moving right along, they're back!  Back in that crazy other-world that is, but not in quite the same way.  They've ended up on a different continent in that same world.  Wait!  What?!  How?!  Like I said, you'll have to read the book. :-p This continent is home to some familiar places and characters, which is kind of a good thing.  Good because Taryn and Ozzie, along with their friend Smitty this time, aren't completely clueless this time around.  Then again, it's also bad because some of those familiar characters and places are bad news.  So they're off again to try and figure out how to do this thing...again.  Oh, and just to give you a little taste, here's a snippet:

     “Didn’t I tell you wandering through the woods was better than this?!” Taryn cried.

     Ozzie, Taryn, and Smitty were all running pell-mell down the path without much hope of safety.  Nothing around them indicated an end to the forest, and their pursuer was surely better at navigating the trees than them.

     Ozzie didn’t answer.  He was too busy thinking up contingency plans in case they were caught.  Nothing would be worse than that, and blind panic was preventing him from thinking clearly.
     It had all started so innocently.  The horses were nervous, and Heinz had been restless, watching the trees and growling.  This had all happened before when the occasional wolf had trailed them, though, so nothing much was thought of it.  Then the spider came crawling across their path.  It looked like a tarantula, and Ozzie had screamed in a way he wasn’t proud of, which made Shadow jump.  Taryn stomped the thing with her foot.  She was aggressive about it, as she was with all spiders now.  She never said so, but Ozzie believed it was because Vurnal was in the form of a spider when they first met him in Leleplar.  He figured Taryn was taking out some feelings she hadn’t worked through on the little arachnids, and he was totally fine with that.  When the tarantula was crushed beneath her boot, there was a horrible, dry, clicking shriek from the forest, followed by the sound of undergrowth being trampled.  The noise came towards them fast.  Shadow and Ember reared up, ripping the reins from Ozzie and Smitty’s grasp, and followed after Honey, who had bolted back the way they came.
     “Run!” Ozzie screamed, and they all took off.
     No one had seen their pursuer, but they could hear it in the trees.  It sounded big.  Big enough to eat them?  Big enough for Heinz to fight?  None of that was certain, and they didn’t want to find out.  The noise in the woods stopped, but on they ran.  A few moments later, the mother spider came flying out from the trees and landed on the path before them.  Ozzie, Taryn, and Smitty screamed and retreated.  Heinz took the position in front and barked threateningly at the nightmarish creature.
     The spider was half the height of a man with multiple, glassy, black orbs for eyes.  Spiny hairs covered its impossibility spindly legs, which looked as if they should collapse under the weight of its bulbous body, the back of which was thickly covered in a clutch of plum-sized, slimy spheres.  The spider also had massive fangs that looked far too big for its face and protruded down past what would have been its chin.
     Taryn was torn.  The giant spider terrified her, but she couldn’t leave Heinz.  It would surely kill him, but it would surely kill her, too.  Their hunting knives were no match for the spider.  What she wouldn’t give for a flamethrower right now!  Wait…

Does that sound like an adventure you'd like to be a part of?  Let's face it, reading books allows us to take part in the adventures within.  If so, you can get my books from Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks (search Dana Fraedrich - I'm the only one on there).  I'd love to hear what you think.  Thanks for reading. :-)


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