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Pattern Review - McCall's 7199/MP460

Hey all I'm back with yet another pattern review!

I told you've I've been busy sewing up a storm.

Today's pattern is a fun little jacket, that is lightweight enough that you can wear it all day long.

This was a someday pattern, and I know I've mentioned my someday pattern collection before. Luckily, I haven't owned this pattern as long as some of the other patterns in that collection.

I don't know why the pattern envelope has a different number than what's on McCall's site. Maybe because it was displayed out on the floor?

I chose a fun print for this jacket, because 1) it's fun, 2) I tend to steer towards safe solid colors, and  3) I need to branch out!

The fabric was a pretty stable moderate knit, and it was heaven to work with.

The pattern itself was pretty easy, I do wish the zipper instruction was a little clearer.

Better illustrations for installing the zipper and lining everything up would've been nice too, but overall the guide sheet and the pattern work up fairly easy and without too much grumbling about the way they do things.

Oh and a mark or better illustration about the snap placement, but like I said, there's nothing overly difficult about this pattern.

I'm such a happy model.

I did alter the pattern between the waist and hips, and that didn't pose any problems. I'm excited about rotating this piece into my normal wardrobe. Its not your typical "mom" wear, but it's got pockets and is long enough that I'm not constantly tugging it down.

Pretty happy with the newest addition to the closet.

Have a terrific day everyone!

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