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Glitter Dipped Ornaments

Greetings everyone!

We all know that paint dipped anything is all the rage right now. Paint dipped ornaments are nothing new. 

What about glitter dipped ornaments?  Again, not a new concept. 

Either way, I decided that I wanted some glitter dipped ornaments. 

I just happened to have 6 matte white ornaments, that didn't get put on the tree in the family room. Imagine that.
In year's past, I've glittered the inside of glass ornaments with acrylic floor polish, and have been absolutely 100% pleased with the look, but I wonder if it'll work on the outside. 

It does. It's amazing. 

So I have a quick write-up on what I did to achieve my glitter dipped ornaments. 

You don't need a whole lot for this. You'll need glitter, ornaments, floor polish, and plastic cups. 

Dumped  a good amount of glitter into one cup, and a bit of polish into the other cup. I did check to make sure that my ornaments would fit inside the cups. I only wanted to glitter half way up my ornaments so I didn't need to add a lot of polish to the cup. 

From there it was basically just an assembly line. Dip the ornament in the polish. Gently shake off the excess polish back into the cup. Dip ornament into the glitter, and gently shake excess glitter off of the ornament. 

Interesting that the polish shines up the ornament. I may need to remember that for a future project.

So from there, I placed my ornaments into their tray, upside down, and let them dry overnight. I don't know that I needed to let them dry overnight, but I wasn't taking any chances. I'd already glittered enough of my kitchen.

After the boys got off to school, I checked on my ornaments, and discovered that they were good and dry. I gently brushed off the excess glitter from the top of the ornaments with one of the kids' paintbrushes, then I tapped the top of the ornament to shake off the excess glitter. I stopped when the glitter stopped coming off.

Then it was time to hang and enjoy my pretty little glittered orbs.

Aren't they terrific? There are so many options you can do with them too!

If you glittered the bottom half red, and then added a black ribbon, they could be Santa-like.

You could also do tuxedo-like by dipping each side of the ornament at an angle into the polish and then dipping it into black glitter. After they dry, you could add little rhinestones for buttons.

What if you take a circle pouncer, dipped into the polish, and place one circle onto a gold ornament and then glitter it red? Then draw on some antlers or deer eyes and you'd have yourself a Rudolph. You could make 8 other reindeer with little black glittered noses.

You could also vary the size of the glitter. I had wanted jumbo glitter, but found this extra-fine green glitter, and liked the color so much I used that.

Oh the possibilities!

Here are the now completed trees downstairs. I'm so glad that I'm almost done putting up Christmas. I'm glad I get to share it with the family though. Small Fry loves helping put up Christmas, and Big Guy is excited about putting up his own tree this year, and Baby Girl, well she loves 'helping'. I just with her 'help' didn't involve me fixing or finding what she's helped with. Oh well. It wouldn't be a family without all the craziness.

Have a great day guys! Tomorrow is the last day of my little Christmas series, I hope you've enjoyed it. 

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