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The Monday Report - Winter Training Week 8

Y'all thought I'd forgotten about today's post, didn't you?

You're half right. I kind of did. Until I didn't!

Luckily, I'm waiting for the hair dye to do its magical thing on my grays, so I have time to write a post.

I was more accomplished last week than in  recent weeks.

I went to another Barre class, this time taught by a new-to-me teacher and it was amazing! Seriously, I love these Barre classes. Definitely going to become part of my weekly routine.

I also hit up my friend's spin class, and its was terribly good for me. My legs were hurting so bad from Barre the day before, but I didn't let that stop me. Ok, maybe I did. A little, but I still pushed. I stopped pushing when I thought I might throw up from the burning in my quads.

I also managed a quick run this last week. I kept it easy, because I know I've lost some of my fitness. I still got in 3 miles at a comfortable pace, and chatted with my sister the whole time. She may or may not have thought I was dying at one point, but I was celebrating finishing the fun. Apparently they sound the same....

I'm just aiming to get a little done each week. I'm in my family's busiest part of the year. School's in, scouts is on, basketball has started, and I'm coaching both boys' teams this year. That's not even including the holidays and all the stuff we're invited to because of said holidays.

I will have a free weekend in January. I lie. I will have a free Sunday in January. After Super Bowl.

Such is our life right now, and I wouldn't change it for the world. It just means, that time is at a premium and sometimes working out gets done, and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it's more important to spend those free moments with the family and recharge. Nobody likes a crazy Mom, and if exercise doesn't solve the crazy then it's time to hit pause and just hang with my family.

Another fun milestone was hit last week. 4 years ago, was my very first ever 5k. That's pretty nifty.

If you follow me on Instagram (@sewhalfcrazy) then you saw the little write up I did, but here's a bigger view of two pictures from that cold December day.

This was the Hot Chocolate 5k up in National Harbor. One of the worst races I've ever been to. I might even chalk it up as the worst race, and I'm not talking about my performance. The race was horribly run. I accomplished my goal, though. I finished, and went on to tackle bigger mountains.

Here's the motivational gem I'm going to leave you all with.

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