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Throwback Post - Crocheted Christmas Ornaments

Sometimes when genius strikes, you just need to share it again.

That's the case with these ornaments. They're simple to make, yet they're timeless and elegant. Don't you wish all things could be that way?

This will also start a short series about Christmas ornaments and decor. I hope y'all will enjoy!

Original Post from December 2013

Sometimes I think I ought to teach myself how to knit. I've tried knitting, but I just don't get it. I'm clumsy. I also have a mom that knits. She does my knitting for me.  *2 years later - I now know how to knit, and it's become one of my favorite tv-watching activities.

I do crochet. She knows how to crochet, and does it well, but she knits more. I crochet more. The problem is that she has her own knitting projects and isn't solely at my beck and call, so when I wanted sweater-like covered ornament balls, I was on my own.

I tried doing google searches, but nothing I found was right. It wasn't what I was looking for. I have 9 clear plastic round ornaments begging for some crafty love, and I had nada. Until the other night, when the hubs and I were watching TV and I was playing around with my yarn and crochet hook.

Then this happened.

And this.

And these.

Look at all the red yarn-filled love! They also look pretty fabulous on my tree. Just sayin'.

So these are super easy and quick.

Yarn - I used Red Heart Super Saver
I-9 crochet hook
3.5" ball ornament
Blunt Needle

*worked in rounds

Round 1: Start with a magic circle and crochet 10 HDC. You may want to add a stitch marker to your first or last stitch (doesn't really matter which).

Round 2: 2 HDC in every stitch. 20 HDC at end of round.

Round 3: 2 HDC in first stitch , 1 HDC in next stitch. Repeat until you have 30 HDC.

Round 4: 1 HDC in every stitch around. 30 HDC

Rounds 5-10: Repeat Round 4. Put ornament inside your work. You will finish the last two rows with the ornament inside.

Round 11: Skip first stitch, *HDC in next 2 stitches, skip next stitch.* Repeat from *. 20 HDC

Round 12: Skip first stitch.  *HDC in next stitch, skip next stitch.* Repeat from *. 10 HDC. Fasten off.

Ta Da! You're done!

Some thoughts on this pattern:
You could change the look of the piece by just grabbing the back loops or going around the posts. 

You could have some fun with different colored yarns.

You could easily modify this pattern to accommodate a larger or smaller ornament simply by adjusting how many stitches you start off with in your magic circle.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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