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Spring Training and Calendars

Happy Thursday All! Man, I haven't done a Fit 4 Thursday in a while. I've missed it.

I love when you do a search for inspirational fitness quotes and google returns 80 bajillion of them, and right off the bat you see like 5 quotes that speak to you.

Then you open Photoshop. You buy a calendar template from your favorite digital scrapbook shop (Peppermint Creative), and then you let the creativity fly.

I got my training calendar for the spring made up, and then I made blank calendars for the whole year for you guys!

I decided to go back to a monthly calendar, because I'm not going to post the entire calendar all at once. I'm going to take it day by day, one month at a time. They're also all black and white, because my color printer is down stairs and out of black ink, and the laser printer only prints in black and white and is only 15 feet from my desk. Priorities.

I decided to go back to a beginner half marathon training plan, and I feel like this one from Garmin is a good mix of cross training and running.

I love how simple and fresh these pages are. There's room for you to write in your own schedule, or just use them as your everyday calendar.

Click on the pictures to download a high-res version of each month.

January 2016 Inspirational Calendar February 2016 Inspirational CalendarMarch 2016 Inspirational Calendar

April 2016 Inspirational Calendar May 2016 Inspirational Calendar June 2016 Inspirational Calendar

July 2016 Inspirational Calendar August 2016 Inspirational Calendar September 2016 Inspirational Calendar


I hope you guys enjoy these calendars. Mine is already hanging up on the side of my cabinet.

Have a great day, y'all!

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