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Decoupage Pub Table

I'm so excited about this little corner in our basement. This corner used to hold the bar, but when we moved the bar a while ago, this corner just seemed unimpressive. Now, it's mostly done. There are a few more things we want to do to the corner, but for now it's done. I shared the picture windows yesterday {HERE}, but now it's time to focus on the table.

Last year we got this pub table set for a steal off of our local yard sale site, and it sat unloved for almost a year.

We always knew that we'd be updating it, but we couldn't quite agree on how to update it. The hubs and I talked about several different things we could do to it, but never actually did anything to it, until last week.
A few weeks ago, I went to our local used book store to see if I could find some sheet music or a book about music or art that would be good for the top of the table. 

I ended up finding this book.

It was perfect. So now that the top of the table was taken care of, it was time to decide on paint color.

After we updated the mirror in the hallway, I decided that I'd use the same color on the table. The color is called Journey, which I kind of liked given the journey that the whole basement has been on.

I got the table painted one afternoon, and it instantly looked better. 

Then it was time to start glueing down the book pages. I went through the book first and cut out the pages I knew I wanted to highlight. Then I went back and just cut out pages from random parts of the book.

I started gluing the pages down by laying them out around the outside edge of the table and then working my way towards the center. Once I got the table covered, I added the pages I wanted to highlight.

Then two coats of Mod Podge later, and 3 coats of mattepolyurethane later, I had a perfectly updated pub table.  

It was then time to tackle the chairs. I had painted them to match the table, but the upholstery needed to be updated. So with some scrap vinyl, the seats got a new look. 

I'm super happy with our new pub corner. The picture windows along with the table, makes it the perfect cozy conversation area. 

Cheers all! 

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