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Fit 4 Thursday - Banana Walnut Tartine


I've managed to write two Thursday posts in two weeks?! That's craziness. Ok, it's not, but I feel like mini-celebrations are a needed part of everyday life. They're little pick-me ups.

You know what else is a pick-me up? Breakfast.

I love breakfast. Breakfast = coffee. If you follow me anywhere, but here then you know I love my coffee.

Today's post is not about coffee, but about a breakfast that pairs super well with coffee.

Earlier this week, I made myself some fresh ricotta for the sole purpose of making myself a tartine for breakfast. My ricotta recipe is {HERE}, and my other tartine recipe is {HERE}. Both are super yummy and easy.

What's better, is if you don't like store-bought waffles, then use bread! Challah would be amazing, as would sourdough or even a baguette. It really doesn't matter. Now let me introduce you to my newest favorite.


  • Ricotta
  • 2 waffles or slices of bread
  • Cinnamon
  • Banana
  • Walnuts
  • Syrup


  1. Toast waffles or bread to desired doneness. Place side by side on a plate, and smear ricotta on top. *My ricotta didn't want to spread very nicely, so I popped the waffles and ricotta into the microwave for 10-15 seconds, so I could more easily smear the ricotta around. 
  2. Slice banana on top of each waffle, arrange the pieces so that the waffles will still stack. Place one waffle on top of the other. 
  3. Crush walnuts in your hand as you sprinkle a small bit on top of your banana ricotta tower. Sprinkle with cinnamon, and add just a smudge of syrup for sweetness. 

I love how fancy this super simple breakfast is! I think I need to develop an apple variation. 


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