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Shot Through the Heart Wreath

So yesterday was a super fun, exciting day for me.

My Valentine's Day Wreath from a few years back got featured in Woman's Day!


Even better is that the wreath went on to make another Valentine's Day Wreath. If you followed Straight Stitches (the old blog) or have been a follower of Sew Half Crazy, then you know that I get tired of the same old, same old. Anything could be up for grabs for an update when the mood strikes.

Such is the case with the Valentine's Day wreath that was featured.

It now looks like this!

Making the wreath was simple. I used one of the heart wreath forms from the original wreath as the base for the mesh. Then I just wrapped white pipe cleaners around the wreath and worked the mesh around the form.

I reused the flowers from the original wreath and hot glued them down. The only new bit was the the dowel arrow. I used heavy glitter cardstock and cut out the arrow ends, and then glued that all up. When that was done, I hot glued the arrow to the wreath.

Tada! I like the new updated wreath as much I like the original, and it was almost as simple as the first one to make. The mesh did add some time and effort.

Have a terrific Friday, everyone!

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