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Styling the Basement Built-In

Styling the Built-in

My husband thought I was nuts. After we finished the built-in, I was worrying about styling it.

We'd just built this beautiful thing, and I was worried about what to put in it.

I should've trusted the hubs, because he was right. Styling it was the fun part. I got to go shopping, both retail and at home, and experiment with stuff. What's not to like? I think I was mostly worried about the vastness of the space I needed to fill. It was a lot, at first, but then it really wasn't so much. 

After I got the books put in place, then came the fun part. I was able to create this nice cohesive look with a mixture of old and new.

So here's what we started with.

Here's where we finished.

I just love how it all turned out so much!

When I was doing my shopping, both at home and at the store, I tried to keep in mind what we were going for and what would match the space. Red is the accent color down there, so anything red immediately had a leg up, but I didn't want to overdo the red. A little goes a long way. I also included my B's. I have to include them. They're a fixture throughout the house, so why not carry them through down here? The hubs also, very graciously, donated empty cigar boxes and growlers. I wanted to help carry the dark brown tones. And you'll notice there are bits of shiny on the shelves, mirrors, mercury glass, and metallic paint.

So here's the picture I edited with what I wanted to do with the space.

I'm just going to go ahead and check everything off this wish list. Everything that I envisioned for this space has come to fruition.

By the way, changing out those can lights with the eyeball trim was a game changer for lighting up the space.

Now, I know that seems like a lot of new, but it's really not. Only 6 of those arrows were actually bought brand new for the space, the other 6 items were things I had around the house, not including the items that were on the shelf before.

Yesterday I shared the string art, but the vase with the asterisk is kind of new. The vase was originally there, but it was unimpressive, so I updated it. I'll go over that super simple process tomorrow.

I, for one, am so happy to be able to mark this project done. We've still got a couple of projects in the works to get done before Sunday, but I think we're going to make it. We're going to be cutting in close, but if all goes according to plan *knocks furiously on every piece of wood* then I should be able to count them done tomorrow night.

Have a great evening! 

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