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The Monday Report - Week 3 and January Review

The Monday Report

Well today is February 1, and honestly I thought I'd be further in my training right now.

I really have no one to blame, but myself and a lack of dedication. The stomach bug I came down with last week didn't help either, but hey I'm down 5 lbs! Not the way I wanted to lose half the weight I found over the holidays, but I won't turn my nose up at it either. 

I did get in workouts last week, and I'm proud of that; however, I am finding myself contemplating Rock 'N Roll DC this year. It's 5 weeks away. Am I going to be ready for it? Probably not. Should I run it? I don't know. Do I want to run it? Yes.
In order for me to have a shot in hell to be able to run it, then I'm going to need to buckle down and  get serious. I am not off to a good start. I haven't run yet today. I'm not even dressed for a run. 

I think my last half is haunting me. It was a terrible run. The company I had was fabulous, but the actual run wasn't fun. I'm thinking I need to transition back to my cushy running shoes. I really like my Brooks Ravenna's, but I think over the long haul and the brutal pounding my hips take, then I need to move back to a cushy shoe. I hear the Brooks Adrenalines calling my name. My hips are fine with the Ravenna's on a treadmill, but out in the real world, with pavement and uneven terrain it's just too much for my hips sometimes. 

Getting old is for the birds. 

Here's my take on last week. 


Monday - I grabbed a quick 1 mile run before my first Zumba class in ages. I used to take Zumba a lot, before the gym changed its class schedule. I felt out of sync during class. A little clumsy, and tired, definitely tired. My lack of exercise was showing, not to mention that some congestion showed up too. Yay for congestion, not. I wish I had enjoyed the class more, but honestly I think that between my terrible exercise regime lately and that I hate to work out at night, there was very little chance that I was going to have a good workout. I am glad I went though. I needed it. 

Tuesday - I forced everyone out of the house a bit early, and hit up spin. It was a terrific class. I got one of the bikes I like, and really put it out there. My quads were screaming at points, and I buckled down and told them to shut up. I pushed hard, and maybe cursed a bit during the push-ups we did. I really enjoyed the added core workout. I felt really, really good after this workout, too bad it was short lived, as the stomach bug from hell would show up the next day. Totally forgot to snap a picture in class, so you get one from Pier One. 


Motivational Moment

Nail every workout. Every single one. 

Stop stressing. Everything seems to be weighing on me. I'm making mountains out of mole hills and I need to stop that crap. 

Smile. I need to remember to enjoy the small moments. My kids goofy antics, while annoying sometimes, aren't something that they're going to do forever. I need to remember to find joy in the little things, and then the big things that do go wrong won't seem as bad as all that. 

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