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The Monday Report - Week 5

The Monday Report

The kids are off school again, dang holidays, but luckily, we're forecasted for yet another winter storm. 

Can you sense my sarcasm? If my kids are off school tomorrow...

I don't even know how to finish that sentence. I love having my kids home, but not on unscheduled days, when we're stuck in the house. Cabin fever sets in real quick in this house. 

I've gone off topic again. The real problem is that I have a hard time motivating myself when the white stuff is falling. All I want to do is curl up under a blanket, near the fireplace, with my coffee and watch tv. Not a good way to start off my 40 days. 

Well enough complaining, let's get to the meat and potatoes.


Wednesday - 35 minutes easy run. I ran almost my usual route. There are still snow piles on the side of the road that I usually run, so I ended up having to run on the opposite side. It was a good run overall, but the wind and the cold didn't make for nice companions. I chatted with Mom the whole time, which was nice and helped make me forget about the weather, a little. 3.33 miles. 

Thursday -  Intervals. Ugh. I hate intervals, especially on the treadmill. I am not comfortable on the treadmill lately and I don't know why. This run was difficult, because I couldn't find my pace. I did six 2-1 intervals after a 10 minute warm-up, what I didn't realize was that every "on" portion the treadmill was adjusting the incline to 2.5. I had set it to 1. My struggle at the end of interval session made more sense with that incline. 2.43 miles. 

Saturday - The long run. The first long run I've done this whole training session. It was cold, not as windy,  but still a bit windy while we ran down the long hill. I did not have a great pace. My water froze and I wasn't eating my gels the way I should've. I did get it done though, and I'm so glad that my friend joined me for this misery. I don't know that I could've done it without her. This was supposed to be an interval run, 10-40-5-40-10, it didn't happen. I was having problems with my layers. My shoulders were very constricted and it was causing me to bunch them up towards my ears. My neck was killing me because of this. I need to reevaluate my layers for the next cold run. 8.53 miles. 
Mile 1 - 12:10
Mile 2 - 15:32
Mile 3 - 12:10
Mile. 4 - 12:29
Mile 5 - 11:56
Mile 6 - 15:11
Mile 7 - 13:34
Mile 8 - 15:02
Mile 9 - 16:38 (.53 miles)


Continue to get every run in, but also get some more cross training in. Shooting for 5 workouts this week. 

Remember to do my stretching. I have a really hard time remembering to stretch after running in the cold. 

Don't get complacent. The only way I'm going to improve is to push a little. Even if it's a smudge outside of my comfort zone, I need to push it a little.

Well there's my week. I'm happy I got all three runs in, and my short run paces were pretty good. Here's to next week!


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