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Updating the Picture Wall

Why is it that some of the simplest updates we can do around our house take the most time?

Not because they're difficult or will take a lot of time, but because they're so easy.

You keep putting them off, because one day you'll "get to it." It's on the list.

Today, I knocked one of those "get to it"s off the list.

I finally updated the kids' pictures on the picture wall.

We had the pictures done in October. My very good friend, Leilani, of Leilani Photography took the pictures.

It wasn't planned that the kids ended up wearing the same colors as the year before, but it just worked out that way. Small Fry even wore the same shirt.

I can't remember when I moved the picture wall back to the living room, but I'm glad I did. I really love how simple and straightforward the arrangement is.

I'm going to keep it honest here. There's a reason I haven't done a full room shot. The room isn't in it's best shape. I'm storing Cub Scout stuff along with sewing stuff, and boxes that Small Fry's bed came in, and a table that needs to be returned to my parents. It's our staging area for things that need to move back to where they belong, except for the cub scout stuff. I don't have a designated spot for that stuff yet.

I also updated the kids' group shot. It hangs out on the TV console in the family room.

I'd show you a picture of the family room, but it's in worse shape than the living room, because of Baby Girl. She revels in having a messy house, despite our best efforts to show her the loveliness of having a tidy room, she's not buying it. Chaos is the name of her game.

I dislike toddlers sometimes.

I always love her, but toddler tendencies rankle me.

At least the photos of her show off her lovable, sweet self, so I can take comfort in the fact that this phase will pass.

Cheers all!

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