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Woman's World Valentine's Day Wreath - Throwback Post

Woman's World featured this wreath in their magazine issue last week!

When they contacted me out of the blue one day in January, saying they wanted to do a feature on this wreath, I was a little overwhelmed. Here is the post from 2011, I did edit it a bit so that nothing is out of context.

Throwback Post

Hearts are not my favorite shape. I know I've discussed this, but when it comes to heart I'm a little ambivalent about them, which makes Valentine's Day odd for me. I like the idea behind Valentine's Day, but I don't go heart crazy. At least I didn't, I've warmed up to hearts over the years, which is why I'm excited to debut my double heart wreath.

What do you think? Would you like a closer look?

These wreaths were simple enough to make. I just glued some of the same flowers from the mantle to opposite sides of the top of the hearts and then took some fabric that I had and used that to tie the wreaths together and add a small bow to the top of the wreaths.

 Here are just some more shots of the wreaths. I do love all of those flowers.  I also love how simple and pretty the wreaths are.

I hope you guys enjoyed this throwback! Happy Thursday all!

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