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What to Eat Wednesday - Egg Muffin Cup

I'm taking one from the archives today. This little ditty was published exactly 3 years ago today. Dana is sharing a quick egg muffin and a new use for her blender. 

I may have to show the hubs this post, as we've been talking about egg muffins a lot lately.

Quick Quickies

Just a few little things I've tried recently to show off this week, nothing big.  First up, home ground coffee...with a blender!  Wait, what?  How is that even possible?  I don't know.  I don't know much about blenders other than the fact that I'm capable of burning them out.  That's why I was so excited when I looked on the website for my Ninja and saw that you can grind coffee beans with it!

*Be sure to check and see if your blender is capable of this.  I don't know if I would have risked it if the official manual/website didn't state it was possible.

I was googling to find out if this was possible because I just happened to have a bag of whole bean coffee beans.

Three avocados is a non-profit coffee company some friends of ours (Josh Wilson and Wes Pickering)were supporting during a Christmas tour this past year.  You can find Three Avocados website here.

All you have to do is fill up your single-serve cup to the fill line (my bag of coffee went right to the line perfectly), screw the blade-top on, and start buzzing.  It takes some time, but no more than ten minutes. Oh, but the process is LOUD!  This is a big mason jar pictured, and the ground coffee filled up about half of it.  That's a lot of espresso!

Here you can see the grounds are really which is great because that means better espresso!  I actually compared what my Ninja did to the coffee I had ground at Whole Foods, and my Ninja did a better job.  Nice work, Ninja. :-)

It's no secret the people in my family love good coffee, so I'm extra pleased to say that Three Avocados not only helps people in need, but also makes bangin' coffee!  Win!

Alright, next up is a quick and easy meal or snack that looks fancy, too.  I got the idea for this from a Little Paris Kitchen episode, but I think you can take this concept and run with it.

Step 1: Flatten a piece of sandwich bread.
Step 2: Brush melted butter onto it.
Step 3: Line one muffin tin cup with the bread.
Step 4: Crack an egg into the bread-lined-cup.
Step 5: Top with cheese, bacon, or whatever you like.
Step 6: Bake at 350 for fifteen or so minutes, or until the yolk is done to your liking.
Step 7: Remove the "egg muffin" and enjoy!

I like my yolk a little runny so it oozes out when you cut into the muffin.  Seriously easy.

Last but not least, want to know how to spruce up a boring salad?  Top with a fried egg.  I fried my egg in bacon fat because I'm fancy like that.  I also make sure to leave my yolk runny because that kind of makes a dressing for the salad.

That's a real woman's salad.

That's all I have for this week, folks.

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