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The Monday Report - Week 15

Last week was definitely full of exercise - exercising patience.

Baby Girl got sick towards the middle/end of the week, and she wholly believes in sharing her misery. I can't remember the last time I've been that exhausted, which cut into my motivation to be a functioning adult.

I did get another new pair of running shoes. I scoped out DSW earlier in the week, and they had 4 different models of Brooks running shoes, including the Ravenna 6's. I had a plan to come back during the weekend, with my DSW coupon in tow, to get them. When I returned on Saturday, DSW had gone from 4 models of Brooks to 2! The Ravenna's and the Adrenaline's were gone! Ack! So, I run over to The Running Store, and talk to one of the sales guys. I need a Brooks Ravenna 6 (I know the 7's just came out) in a size 11.

It was fate. Their last pair of Ravenna 6's were my size. I bought them on the spot, and earned a free t-shirt. Yay for free clothes! So I now own two of the exact same shoes. Hubs suggested I call the new shoes Ravenge, which I totally love, so that's their name.

It's too close to Nashville to wear them at the race, but I'm going to wear them this week. I'm wearing the old Ravenna's for the race on Saturday. Super excited about Nashville! 5 days! Squee!

Ok back on topic - Read on to see this week's recap!


Tuesday - Went to spin and upped my max gear again. It felt great to push a little. I need to get better at running out the gears. I'm much better at slow and steady, but that doesn't provide enough of a challenge sometimes. I also adjusted the bike a little differently and liked the new set up.

Sunday - I was trying to psych myself up for this run throughout most of the weekend, but I was having trouble doing it. Luckily, my friend called me at 7 AM, when I wasn't responding to her texts and she motivated me enough to get to the battlefield at 8:30. It was a glorious morning, but I didn't want to run. I ached from all of the inactivity I'd dealt with while Baby Girl was in the throes of her sinus infection. Aunt Flo also showed up that morning, and I was slightly crampy. Plain and simple, I just didn't wanna. My friend was in a similar boat of not feeling an 8 mile run, so we ran 5 miles instead. It was so gorgeous. There were so many people out at the battlefield, runners, dog walkers, horses and riders, etc. It was kind of invigorating with how crowded the park was that early. We kept a good pace throughout the run. We walked some, and ran some. We saw so many butterflies! At one point it was like we were in a butterfly garden. I'm so glad my friend called me. It's runs like this one that make me fall in love with running all over again. It was perfect, even if it was imperfect. Averaged a 12:26 pace, which is awesome for the trail. Getting psyched for Nashville!


  1. Have fun at RnR Nashville
  2. Sleep
  3. Relax
I don't have lofty goals this time. I just want to have a good trip this week. 

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