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A Curio Named Elizabeth

Don't you love free things?

I do.

My husband does not always like free things.

Especially when those free things sit in the garage for an undetermined amount of time and take up room, while he's trying to clean and set the garage up for his brewing.

Luckily, the curio we're talking about today did not sit in our garage very long, and I have known what it's fate was going to be since December. I just needed April to get here, because that's when the Nashville trip was planned.

You see, Dana moved over the winter and her booze had no home after they moved. Now I can't remember if it had a home in the old house, but in the new house it lived on the floor, and that's just terrible.

Enter the curio that transformed into a bar.

Now, it's not the easiest task to plan out a piece of furniture for a space you've never seen, but luckily Dana and I are champion communicators and we planned out this piece of furniture over the phone and through texts.

The curio started off looking like this. Very traditional and proper. Dana's style is not traditional. Our grandfather gave me the curio some months ago, because he'd gotten it for free from one of his friends and it had sat in his storage shed for 5 years or so. The shelves were long gone, one of the glass panes was missing, and there was some trim missing.  No biggie. I can deal with all of this.

My brother-in-law was not impressed with how this piece looked. I might even say he was skeptical that it could be transformed into something they'd like. I'm not one to back down from a challenge. So with the help of the husband we got the curio stripped down and then built her back up.

Finally it was time for paint, and I was giddy! We'd known what color this beaut was going to be since like January. I'd found the perfect color at Lowe's and knew that Dana would love it. It was called  Elizabethan Yellow. How could Dana not love it? I mean really, it's Dana. Dana who loves all things UK. Ok, well maybe not all things, but enough of them.

That's also how she got her name. Dana declared that the curio would be called Elizabeth moments after we moved her into the dining room.

I did add a bit of glazing to the curio, just to bring out some of her details. I think the glaze adds the right bit of depth to the piece. I ended up using 1/4" hardware cloth for the sides. It turned out wonderfully. For the shelves, I found 11.75" wide melamine shelving at Lowe's. I had them cut down the shelf into 3 smaller shelves. Then I applied some white melamine edging to all of the exposed sides. The whole piece turned out perfect. I love how it all came together.

Well there she is! Dana's new curio bar.

One more picture. You have to have a before & after, right?

Have a terrific Friday!

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