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Pattern Review - McCall's 6359

So while moving small mountains of fabric up to my new (old?) sewing room, I realized that I really don't need to buy anymore fabric. I have a stockpile of fabric that I've bought for specific patterns and projects, and then never got to. I, of course, don't remember all of the projects that I had intended the fabric to be used for, but that doesn't negate the fact that I have it, and now need to use it up. This project was solely because I need to reduce the amount of fabric I'm hoarding. 

Luckily, I do remember how I acquired this fun stripe knit. Mom gave it to me, after she made herself a top out of it, and I got some of the leftovers. The pattern was a "someday" pattern. If you've read any of my previous posts, then you'll know what a "someday" pattern is. If you're new, then let me tell you a "someday" pattern is a pattern I like, that's on sale, and I know I'll make it someday. So there you go -  a "someday" pattern. 

It's a versatile racerback tank pattern, with 3 variations. I opted for the most simplistic one. It's got a small box pleat at the center front and the back is gathered. It's flowy enough to feel nice on the 90+ days we've been having here in northern Virginia, but not frumpy or baggy feeling. 

I will say that I was annoyed that the pattern doesn't have a size for a 16, which is my usual size for a top, so I just made the 14 and took 3/8" seams on the sides. The alteration fits wonderfully. I may need to start adjusting my patterns to fit my narrow shoulders.

The top is as straightforward as you can really get, and there's nothing overly difficult in it's construction. It took me hours to make. I cut it out during nap time, and then I sewed it up during the next nap time. I am not a fan that nap time is diminishing. She's maybe sleeping for an hour, maybe 90 minutes. The only time I can get her to sleep longer is if we spend several hours at the pool, but that's exhausting. I digress. 

I may well end up making another variation of this top, but right now I have another top to finish. 

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