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Art for the Kids

If you follow Sew Half Crazy on instagram {HERE}, then you'll have seen these pictures a while back. It's been a bit crazy here, and I'm only just now getting to write this post. 

I wanted to share with you a cute little $1 inspired art project that I made for the kids. Well 2/3 of the projects costed a $1, the other one cost $3. All the rest of the supplies I already had on hand, which were - 
    • 140 lb. press watercolor paper
    • Watercolors
    • Sharpie black pen
    • Regular No. 2 pencil
    • Large coffee mug (for the circle gem)
    • Small medicine cup (for the moon)
    • Ruler

So these were projects that just kind of evolved. I've wanted to add the Proverbs verse to Baby Girl's room for a while, but just didn't know in what way. Then inspiration struck, and I saw some watercolor gems. Bingo!  I used a very large coffee mug to draw the large circular edge of the gem, and then just measured out somewhat even lines from the center. After I'd filled the circle with geometric shapes, I went to work coloring them in with watercolor. I tried to stay away from my pencil lines, so that I could erase them later. Once it was dry and I'd erased the pencil lines, I sketched out the verse, and then went over it with my Sharpie.

Her art is the largest of the three pieces, and after I got it made it sat for a while, because I didn't know how/where it was going to go in her room. 

I really planned this project out, as you can see. Then one day in Target over by the $1 section, I saw these awesome little easels. So I snatched up 3. Two of the smaller size which were $1 each, and then the larger one for Baby Girl, which was $3. Perfect! 

So I took the mod podge and glued Baby Girl's art to the easel. I didn't cover the top of the art with any mod podge, because I didn't seal it and I didn't want the colors or the ink to run. 

While I was working on Baby Girl's art, my Big Guy tells me that he really likes the watercolor gem, but not that it's a gem. So I had another inspiration. I'd back his art with a random geometric pattern, and just color it in like I did the gem, but what to put on it? 

A few days later, Big Guy comes upstairs angry at his computer, because he closed the program he was using and didn't save his work, and he lost everything. Hubs and I started chuckling and commiserating with him over the plight of auto-save, but tell him it's life and it's his fault, because he should've saved his work. 

A few days later, I'm browsing the internet for quotes, and I find the perfect one for my Big Guy.  I draw it out, and get it how I want it too look, and then put it on the painted background I'd created earlier. I mounted it to the smaller easel, I'd picked up. These easels were 2" x 3". The perfect size for a little reminder, as I figured he'd put this on his desk. 

He loved it, and immediately knew that the quote was in reference to his lost work, but at least now he smiled about it. 

My last piece of art was for my Small Fry, and I knew what I wanted to make for him, but not how I wanted to display it. I have always said, "I love you to the moon and stars," to Small Fry. It's our thing. While browsing the internet, once again, for inspiration on how to display that quote I came across this image - 

To the moon and back Hand lettering by Heidi Nicole:
{Original Post}
It was perfect for my Small Fry. So I set off to make my own version of this for him. I used a medicine cup to make the 2 perfect circles for the O/moon. I had no idea what I was doing with my watercolors and the moon, but I just kept blending it and adding a bit of color until I was happy with how it looked. Sometimes the best plans, don't really involve a plan. The stars are actually metallic gold, and I love just the little bit of glitz that they add. 

I mounted it to my last small easel, and placed it on his little corner shelf. Small Fry told me it's the last thing he looks at every night. Sometimes that kid really knows how to melt my heart. 

I love that each kid now has a little bit of art that their mom made. 

Have a lovely day! 

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