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Destroying a Dicitonary

Fun title, huh? I couldn't think of a good title so I figured I'd go with what I've done to that poor 1974 Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. :)

I'm sure some of y'all have seen  this post: Woven Star from Book Pages, courtesy of House Revivals. When I saw that star it immediately went on my to do list. Then the subsequent stars came out, and while I didn't like the third one as much as the first two, they're all still incredible. So I decided to make them.

The first two were humongous! I gave them to my mom. I don't like really humongous ornaments. Not unless the tree is full of really humongous ornaments. Which mine are not. So I decided to try and make these ornaments a slight different.

Instead of folding the paper vertically, I folded the paper in half and then in quarters horizontally. This made the ornaments much more to my liking. A bit smaller, and more manageable.

So here are my two lovelies. I only got two made, I'd like to make more, but they'll have to wait, and get made throughout the year next year. I do really like them though. Its just so damaging to my poor book. Oh well. Best $4 I ever spent. :)

Next week I will be showing off some cookie recipes. I'm very excited about them and I hope that you guys will join me for it.

See ya later!


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