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Need a lift?

Have I mentioned that my hubs is amazing. He's amazing for several reasons, the biggest of which has got to be what a great Dad he is to the boys, but before the boys came along the biggest reason was because he would put up with me and usually do whatever I asked of him. Granted, I nag. I nag a lot, and he {for the most part} does not complain too much about it. I have a schedule. He doesn't know my schedule because I keep it locked in my head because this schedule can morph at any time,, in any situation, and if I were to keep a running dialog of the changes and updates then I would never shut up. Seriously. I would never shut up. Being as there is already a person in the house that can't keep quiet to save his life {Dev, I really do love you and all you have to say, but really I can't wait for the day that you learn about the absolute bliss of silence} then me talking incessantly would be obnoxious.

Keeping this information to myself has its drawbacks. I forget that this information has not been spoken aloud and therefore I expect him to know that I've changed things and would like them done this weekend, today, right  now, please. This is not fair, but he puts up with me and my internal dialog of updates and changes and usually with a smile or at least a smirk of amusement. He's sweet and I love him.

So now that I've dispensed with the above nugget on to the project that I nagged asked ever-so-politely and sweetly for him to do.....last year. :) He made my artificial Christmas trees grow! He's Merlin! He's a magician....he's handy with a circular saw, chop saw and a drill! And he did it quick. The latter might have been because I told him that I was not putting up a single tree unless the boxes were made and this was after he pulled out ALL the Christmas boxes. All 9 or 10 of them. :) I'm a doll, aren't I? He did all of this with a smile, because after he built all three of my wonderful height-enablers for the Christmas trees I made sure to give him lots of hugs and thank-you's and stay-out-of-my-ways. The stay-out-of-my-ways were for the hurricane of activity that was about to be unleashed because I do not share or play well with others when it comes to Christmas decorations. I have a way that I want them done and do not try to help me. I will not like it and may start to breathe fire. Yes, I know I'm anal and I'm coping. :)

Whelp, that's all I wanted to say. My hubs is amazing. He made two of my Christmas trees grow 6" and the kids' tree grow a full foot. Now we can actually put presents under the Christmas trees {gasp!}. I'm very stoked. You have no idea what a pain it is to not be able to have gifts, even average sized gifts, be put under these silly trees.

I wish I had taken pictures of the other boxes he made, before I put the tree skirts over them, but alas I did not think that far ahead in my excitement to have Christmas thrown up and looking like it wasn't. Next week I'll show you the boxes and how proud and tall the trees are now standing. I really can't wait. I just have a few finishing touches to start and finish. Oh why does this list of projects never seem to get any smaller??

Well, I hope you guys have enjoyed this little trip into what makes me tick, and next Monday will start the Holiday Open House, and next Thursday I hope you guys will link up your Christmas trees!

Have a great day and enjoy yourselves!

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  1. I love this post. I think we must be peas in a pod when it comes to decorating!! I honestly do try and let the children help...but I usually secretly redo it afterwards....