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Welcome to Day 3!

I'm so excited that today is finally here! I get to show off my favorite room! This tree has been evolving for 8 years. Its almost perfect. It doesn't hurt the rest of the elements also fell into place. :) I love it when  plan comes together!

Every year, when we pull it out I wonder how on Earth am I going to fit all of these ornaments on here, but every  year every single ornament makes it on there. This year I even feel like I could fit a few more. :)

So let me show you our Family Room!
This room is situated in the back center of our house. It is the epicenter of the house. As you can see there are lots of toys, dogs and boys in this room at all times. Except right now, at 10:36 pm, I am the only one in this room, at 10:37 both dogs and the hubs does the noise. The minute of silence was nice. :)

First let me show you the table that you see from our foyer.
Usually this table holds my Christmas card holder, but this year I changed it up. The sleigh is usually the centerpiece on the dining room table. The pictures are from last year. We're going to be going to visit Santa this weekend. :) So excited for that! 

Now onto my Christmas card holder. I found this idea over at (HERE). I found the cedar box at Lowe's last year for $5. Yep, $5. Pretty amazing. The bells I ordered off ebay and then I just wrapped a garland in the box and shoved the bells and poinsettias in there amongst the garland. 

Now lets move on to the main event! The tree!!! This tree is wedged in the corner of the room between the tv console and fireplace. 
 So remember yesterday when I said I had a thing for lights. This tree has 900 small lights and 140 large crystal iridescent C9s. It is my pride and glory. All the rest of my trees should aspire to this level of bright. :) This tree is also 7.5' tall  not including his little riser. The main floor of  our house has 10' ceilings so the proportion of this tree to its corner of the room is perfect. :) As you can tell....I have a bit of a pride issue with this tree. :)
Funny story about this tree skirt. I didn't make it. My mom did. She and I picked out the fabrics during my first year of marriage, before I was sewing again. This was 7 years ago. 7 years. This year, while I was smoothing out the skirt I stabbed myself. I stabbed myself with a pin. A pin, that I presume, that has been in this tree skirt for the last 7 years. Go figure. Oh well. The pin has been disposed and hopefully there are no more hiding.
The ornaments on this tree range from pieces we bought on our honeymoon to pieces I bought to showcase the boys' first Christmases. Even my first ornament, from 1981 {eek!}, is on this tree. There are birds and jewels, along with nostalgic ornaments from both Steve's and my childhoods. Its my favorite tree, because of all the memories it holds.
Here's the scene that I'm looking at right now. Its so very peaceful and lovely. Better yet is that this picture shows off the 2 most favorite vignettes of the house. Now let's move on to the mantle!
I'm sure you guys all recognize the nutty wreath from a few weeks ago. I just replaced the ribbon with some pale green tulle and red sequin ribbon. I also used these two ribbons on the front door arrangement. I collected the candle holders over time and all of them were gifts or from thrift stores. As I said previously, I love red and gold. So I have antique brass and crystal candle holders with red foil tapers. This is the first year that I've draped garland around the fireplace, but I think I like it.  The stockings on the mantle were all made by my mom at different times. Apparently my stocking does not want to be photographed, its the one in red. 

Don't forget that tomorrow is the last day of the open house, there is one more tree to show off and then its time to link up all of your Christmas trees! I'm so excited to see all the trees. I do so love this time of year, just because of all the magic that is inherently attached to the season.

See you all tomorrow! I hope you're ready to do some  sharing!


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  1. I thought I'd let you know that I'm SO loving your house tour! The outside of your house is simply beautiful, especially all lit up. Just how I imagine a house over there should look!

    And I'm loving all the interior shots too - and your accompanying comments are wonderful. How great to have such a large room for everyone to gather in.


  2. Your tree is beautiful! The trees that hold memories instead of ornaments are the best! The tree skirt your mom made is gorgeous! Your home is beautiful. I LOVE the windows over your mantel!

  3. I love those sweet photo ornaments!

  4. Your tree is awesome! I love all your lights! I featured you today on my christmas tree roundup :)

  5. HELLO!!! Im your newest follower and LOOOOOOOOOOOVIN your blog! Your tree is BEAUTIFUL! So warm and Welcoming..I could just sit in front of it and drink a glass of wassil! All your decor is so pretty! I would LOVE for you to visit my design blog and 14 days of xmas trees I have a giveaway you might like yoo...Im off to look thru your blog MORE!

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  6. Your tree is very pretty, and I like what you did using the different size lights. I'm still a big fan of those old fashion big bulbs, so I still enjoy seeing the large ones. I once tried some of the larger white ones on my indoor tree, but in my house they were just a tad too much. It looked like I was setting up a plane landing. Oh well, they weren't used the next year. However, the larger size works well with your tree.

  7. Love those bells! So festive with the red and greenery! jules