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Maymont 2011

So part of my late winter ritual is going to Maymont Flower Show down in Richmond. I go with the females of Mom's family and we always have a blast. I brought the boys with me, cause - well our trip was on a Friday and Steve still works. :) My Aunt Toni, Bet, Mom, Aunt Colie and then the three of us all went down and we had a blast, but guess what I forgot?!? My camera. Of course. Why not? Its not like I didn't want to take pictures or anything. Luckily, I had my trusty cell phone. So I apologize for the quality of these pictures, but its what I got. :)

This was the garden at the entrance. So very pretty. Why can't my front garden look like this? 
This was the garden opposite of the entrance. I love the formality of this one.  
I want a pergola like this one. Maybe without the masks though.  
This is such a good idea for a corner lot!
Love the pinks and purples! I kind of want a stone bench now. 
This display was by far my favorite. It was also the most elaborate. This display was by Ashland Berry Farms. Inside the glass blocks were C9 bulbs and pea gravel so that they glowed for a  nice ambient walkway light. So pretty. I also love the little potted arrangement up top. You can see the edge of the rain curtain on the right. 
Here's the rain curtain! Does the wisteria up there look so nice? 
They had small cardinals tucked in all over their display. 
This tree had LED tubes hanging from it and the lights shot down from the top of the tube to the bottom. The effect was amazing. Unfortunately I didn't think to take any video of this. The picture will have to suffice. :) 
Another tree with those LED tubes.
Another, more structured gardenscape. I love all the pavers used. :) 
I'm such a sucker for tulips.  
The 150th anniversary of the Civil War is this year, and I know that the Manassas Battlefield is planning on several events throughout the year for it, but it was a quaint surprise to find such a tribute at the flower show. By the way...If you're in the Manassas, Gainesville or just in the western portion of PWC any time this summer. I will commiserate with you. they're expecting 20,000 to 30,000 tourists in July. Fun. As if Jiffy Lube Live (aka Nissan Pavilion) wasn't bad enough. 
Devlin put on a pouty face and the gentleman at this exhibit let him play in the sand. Dev had a lot of fun at the small taste of warm weather. The poor kid has such a bad case of cabin fever. 
Hey look! There's Harrison! This would be the only picture I snagged of him at the flower show. Great job there, Momma. :) 
 Ok well that's all of the in focus pictures of the show! I always get so many good ideas from the show. Its also a nice reminder that spring is not too far off and I will soon be able to enjoy my flowers. :)

Oh I do want to share what Bet and I wore to the show. We both were wearing our newest creations. I'm going to talk more about mine tomorrow, and I have no idea why I'm frowning, but this is the only picture of me at the show. :)  Bet looked so smashing in her lime green jacket. She pared it with a super wide grosgrain ribbon and robin's egg blue thread and she looked terrific. My shirt could use some additional alterations, but it was a learning experience! There are 18 pleats in that shirt that stretch from the shoulder seams to the hemline.
 Have a great day guys! I can't wait to share my experience with my shirt tomorrow, but I am going to leave you with this parting shot. Me when I finally made it home on Friday night. Smiles, but boy was I tired!


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