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You know what they say....

So remember when I told you guys that I was working on an even simpler curtain transformation that I would show you guys today? You know....when I said that yesterday? Well you know what they say about the best laid plans....
Yea....It was that kind of day. I ran out of thread after only getting one curtain up. Hopefully tomorrow I can run out to get some more. Otherwise...well...otherwise you're going to see the ghetto pictures I had planned putting up until I remembered that I had yet to show off Bet's creation! My grandmother made me a roman shade for the window above my sink! Unfortunately I don't know how she did it, because I've never made one, but I do know that we went to Walmart and I picked out a chocolate suede thermal panel (for $15) and she created gorgeousness!

Before I get on to the showing of the goodness I will show you what had been there. These copper panels. I have like 80 bajillion yards of this  lightweight taffeta-esque fabric, which is awesome, and it did a good job of blocking the morning sun, but it did not insulate real well against the cold that leaked in through this window.
We've had that window adjusted, and that helped a little bit with the amount of cold air coming from it, but not much. So I wanted a thermal shade, but then I didn't want to have to fuss with it and adjust the pleats and gathers and the like which is when Bet suggested the shade.  I am so tickled with how well it all came together.
The copper stripes you see are the same taffeta from the curtains before, and some of them hide stitching lines, because that window is 47-1/4" wide and the original thermal panel was not. Bet pieced it together and then let the magic fly. I wanted pleats in the shade even when it wasn't pulled up so she added those too. She's so amazing. :) Oh...and you're also getting better pictures of the can light conversion pendant. Still loving that light! Oh, oh and you can see the window valence. Its the same one that was in the family room. that may have been part of the reason for me wanting to change the family room's curtains. Too much of the same. You know...too matchy matchy. I still love the valence in the kitchen though. I think its mostly the fabric though. :)

So here are some more shots of the shade and the light. :)
So here are some construction shots of the shade. It's mounted to a 1x2 that is inside the trim of the window, the 1x4 you see is for the valence. You can see in the 2nd picture the piddly amount of snow we'd gotten before last Wednesday. What you don't see in any of these pictures is the 1/2" dowel slipped into the very bottom of the shade. 
  This would be what I want to keep out. Yea that would be last Wednesday. Fun fun. Luckily the storm that is wreaking havoc across the midwest and northeast and missing us. Sorry for all those getting hit, but I will take the rain promised us. Hopefully it doesn't freeze. :)
Like I said earlier....hopefully tomorrow I can get the curtains in Dev's room done. Although I will tell y'all that he's pleased as punch about the curtain that did get done and put up. I hope you guys stay warm and I'll see you tomorrow!

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