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I-Spy with my little eye

So I'm going to have to start off with an apology. I know I learned somewhere that you are never supposed to start something off with an apology, but I've forgotten what and when I learned this, so as you can tell I was a stupendous student. :)

Anyways, on to my apology. I have no idea how to photograph a quilt, and so the pictures that are here today are not the best, in my opinion of course. :)

So enough digressing about my {lack of} photography skills and lets get to these quilts.

 Warning - insanely long post!

First let me say that Care's blog Obsessively Stitching is an amazing blog and her quilt tute is the only thing that got me through the first quilt. The 2nd quilt is so much better, sorry Devlin!

So I participated in a few I-Spy Swaps and had a lot of fun, although I was a little daunted by the sheer number of swatches I ended up with {400}!

I decided to pick the boys' favorite colors as the setting squares and border of each of their quilts. Green for Dev, and I decided that H would like blue. :) I also divided my squares up by theme. Dev got the transportation and sports squares, and H got animals and the rest of the transportation squares. I did end up changing the pattern slightly for Harrison's quilt so I'll tell you what I did when we get there. :)

Let's start with Dev's quilt.
 I followed Care's instructions for the I-Spy quilt with only one change. I added the border, which caused problems. My back wasn't big enough, even after adding the strip to the back. I should have either  made the strip in the back wider, or alter the top like I did for H's. Although I do like the way I quilted Dev's better than   H's. So let's introduce H's quilt!
 So here's H's! I altered Care's pattern for this quilt because I did not want to run into the same back problem that I had with Dev's. There are only 77 I-Spy squares on this quilt, basically 1 less vertical row. I added a border, and then the strip in the back has more I-Spy squares. I quilted this quilt by following the sashing and setting squares, but like I said - I like how I quited Dev's, the bias quilting looks better, in my opinion. :)

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the quilts. I had a lot of fun making them and I learned a lot. I'm planning my next quilt now. :)

Monday I'm going to share a failure with you guys, but hopefully we all learned something.



  1. great job - I should get some squares in the mail any day now!!

  2. Those are awesome quilts! I'm too intimidated to do all the cutting necessary for a larger the sewing, but not the cutting. Guess a swap would be a good idea!

  3. You did a great job! I made an i-spy quilt from Care's tutorial as well. I think we were part of the same swap...I sent the baseballs with the red background! Your boys must be so excited about their quilts!

    Marti in San Diego