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A House Divided

So when you think of divisions its usually between football teams, college ball teams, or math equations. And you'd be correct. All of those have or include divisions.

But in my house we have divisions in opinion. We also have divisions in healthy vs. unhealthy. Let's start on the opinions first.

I put up altered curtains and I'm not sure I like them. All the men in my house like them, but now lets  look at the 2nd division in the house - healthy vs. unhealthy. All of the men in my house are sick. The boys are in the throws of pneumonia and Steve is ill too, nothing definitive on what he has, but he's on two different meds to treat his symptoms. So in a house where I'm out numbered in everything, usually I get final say in decorating.

But all of the sick men decided they like my new curtains and I'm wrong because I don't like them, even though my argument is I'm not sick and therefore thinking more clearly. That did not hold any water. I'm now thinking of going with the argument, I'm the only healthy one in this house and if you want a pleasant recovery then you'll stop arguing with me about the curtains that I altered and put up.

I like the ring of the next argument! Don't you? Anyways, enough of my bitching even though I am bitter about being the only healthy one. Do you know how much whining goes on in a whole full of sick men? I should win  some type of award. Really I should. Or I'm going to move in with Mom for a few days.

So anyways, here are the pictures.

Here's what was there

I love that these curtains are so much brighter and  lighter. The curtains are from Ikea and they have a linen look. I was going to tell you how I made them, but since I'm not in love with them. I don't think I am. I think I will eventually take them down (when I get bothered by them enough) and then alter them again and then I will share what I did. Unless you guys like them and think I should share what I did.

I'm going to go pick up some prescriptions now - gotta get this house healthy!

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