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Hey "Two"ddles!!!!

So last week I shared a bunch of Mickey Mouse themed ideas for birthday parties, and here's why!

My little guy turned 2 this weekend. I can't believe that he's already this old. How did this happen? Sheesh, time does fly, but I'll tell you what - we've had a blast.

So here's our Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party for Harrison. :)

So here's the balloon wreath that I made a while back. I love how it brightens up the front door.

This is what our guests saw when they walked in. I made the sign and I think it turned out pretty durn well.
 This was the dining room, which most of the adults used, which was just fine, because I didn't go to crazy in here.
 My adventures in crepe paper have not ended. I ordered extra crepe paper just for the party. Good thing Dev's party will also use primary colors.
 Here's the table. Like I said I kept it simple, and I'm glad I did, because the adults had fun playing with the confetti, which was a surprise.
 Here's the rest of the house as they come further into the house. I went a little more crazy with the crepe paper and balloons. I found Mickey Mouse character balloons at Walmart, which I paired with the rest of the balloons that came in my party kit.
 Here's a close-up of the sofa table, and I had fun with this. I made the toodles head the night before the party while watching, Secretariat, with my mother-in-law, but I'm going to share those tomorrow, because they're super simple to make. I didn't even use a template.
 If you guys read my post from last week, you'll have seen a similar subway art as inspiration. I really loved that idea, so I put my spin on it for Harrison, but then I went a little further. I have had these glitter chipboard letters for FOREVER, and I needed to add more sparkle, cause I'm a girl and I like sparkle, but I do think that the letters add some more fun flair to the otherwise very boring frame.
 I received this short squatty jar from Dana a few Christmases ago. I killed the plant that had been in it and since thing it's be added to the rotation of apothecary jars. I didn't really want to put these out on the table for the kids, since I was cramming 12 little butts at a table built for 6, so the jar was the perfect solution and helped fill in the empty space of my table. You'll also see some more Mickey Mouse characters scattered around. I'll tell you what - just having all these characters sprinkled throughout the house really lent to the fun Mickey theme of the party.
 I had all of the treat sacks for the kids stashed in a banana leaf basket in the family room, unfortunately only about half got given out, because I forgot about them {again}. I do not seem to have good luck with handing out these favor bags at the kids' parties.
 Here's the mantle! Finally we're to some more of the fun decorating! I made the banner out of stuff that I had lying around. I also did a Google search on free digital scrapbook page Mickey Mouse and found a nice kit. Unfortunately I don't  remember where I found it, but thank you to whomever made it, because it really saved my butt! I also found some more Mickey chipboard letters to put on the banner. Devlin graciously donated all those Mickey's for the mantle. They're all his, and one of the small ones was even Stephen's Mickey when he was small. It was such a touching gesture when he came downstairs with them and told us to use them in the decor. He's such an AWESOME big brother.

 Here's the main event! The kitchen table where I fit 12 little butts at a table made for 6. Thank god for the bench I made for a coffee table a while back, because that thing held 4 of the kids right off the bat! You can see I went and decorated  the chandelier again, and I love the outcome. This was also the first thing I decorated when I started the whole process, and the kids loved that 1) I had started and 2) that the chandelier was so fun, and they could try and find which characters I had put up there. :)

So here's a close-up of the kitchen table, and I love the wonderful chaotic mess of this table. I told Stephen when I was setting it, that it was like I was flipping the silly switch and this was the perfect interpretation of it. I then got told that I'd been watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse too much. Ah well - it is Harrison's favorite TV show. :)

Here are the rest of my Toodles. I taped one to the lampshade on the sofa table, and then decided to hang the rest of them over the island and the food for a fun touch. I really like that there's a transparency to these decorations, but there's also the whimsy. And they are super easy to make. I'm going to share the easy peasy steps tomorrow. :)

Here's the cake! Remember all those cakes I put up as inspiration? This is what Stephen came up with and I think he nailed it! He made marshmallow fondant and then went to down on the cake. My only contributions to the cake were the candles and the white piped icing between the layers.

Here is my cake contribution to the party. These are spice cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, because I don't so super sweet cakes, and there were like 36 people at the party and we had maybe 6 cupcakes and 1 layer of the cake left over for us. Not too shabby I think.

Here are the cookies I made. My boys actually like cookies better than cake, so I had to accommodate them. BTW - black frosting is possibly the best idea for a toddler's birthday party, NOT! None of it got on clothes, but the faces of kids - well there were lots of wet cloths pulled out to clean those faces. :)
We also had corn dog nuggets for the kids, along with various dips, chips and veggies. Not surprisingly none of the children hit up the veggie tray.

And last but not least......

Here's my birthday boy! He had a lot of fun with all of the kids and the tissue paper from the gifts. Luckily he did get into the gifts the next day after all the excitement had died down, but during the party he really liked that tissue paper.
Thanks for visiting today guys and thank you so much sharing my little guy's special day! I had a lot of fun doing this for him, and I had so much fun looking at everyone's ideas for Mickey Mouse birthday parties!


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