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Poker Shirt - Kwik Sew 3484

Why are some things so easy to write about and others, well, others not so much.

I know what I want to write about. I want to share with you the shirts I made the husband for his birthday. 

Poker Shirt - Kwik Sew 3484

The pattern I used was fairly straightforward and simple in construction. Although the pattern layout in the guidesheet was awful. 

I'm glad I have so many years of experience otherwise I would've been dumbfounded in how they got all the pieces cut out of the length of fabric it called for. 

The pattern is Kwik Sew 3484

Kwik Sew 3484

Like I said, it's a straightforward pattern with a couple of customization options. I made views B and C. I did take view B a bit further. 

Both Poker Shirts - Kwik Sew 3484

My grandmother has a new embroidery machine, and I asked her to embroider a design down the length of the fabric. It turned out so well. 

Close-Up Poker Shirts - Kwik Sew 3484

I would've asked my mom to embroider the fabric, but she's taking classes in heirloom sewing and I didn't want to burden her with my request. 

Only one shirt, the black one, got done in time for his birthday. I got the navy blue one done today. Right before I sat down to write this post. Procrastinate, much?

I have another Kwik Sew pattern to make up. Its a running skirt, but right now, after this pattern, I'm not overly impressed with them. I much prefer the other pattern companies. 

Yes, I know McCall's owns Kwik Sew, but maybe they should take a look at how they write McCall's guide sheets and implement them into Kwik Sew's format. 

Poker Shirts - Kwik Sew 3484

I've got a fair amount of sewing to do over the next few projects. I can't wait to show them off and get them done. 

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