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Stacked Window Mirror

You know those projects that just never quite get done?

You know the ones.

The ones that are good enough until you get around to actually finishing them.

This is one of those projects. It's been above my mantle for almost 5 years, and the whole time it's been unfinished.

Until now. Well actually until just before Super Bowl this year, but I wasn't posting then, so it doesn't count.

Stacked Window Mirror

The original post for these windows is {HERE}, and then it changed the next day. The smaller windows came off because it wouldn't hang right.

We hosted our neighborhood Super Bowl party this year, and just like any gathering, we were spurred to finish up projects that we'd just let fall by the wayside.
Stacked Window Mirror Collage

It was high time to add the mirror finish to these windows. I knew I had some mirror spray, and figured it'd be an easy update.

Why is it that whenever you think something is going to be an easy update, it never is?

The first thing I forgot to do was clean the windows.

The second thing I forgot to check was how much mirror spray I had.

It all turned out well in the end though because I love the effect that my forgetfulness made.
Detail of Stacked Window Mirror

It really looks aged, and I love the spottiness of it all. Oh that paint chip is a color idea for the ceiling. I still totally love my orange room, even after 6 years.

Close-up Stacked Window Mirror

I love that it's not a shiny mirror up there too. Its a pretty big space to fill and I feel like a shiny mirror would be to formal.

We are not formal people.

We're casual, comfortable people.

Stacked Window Mirror

Luckily the mantle doesn't look half bad either. The wipes really add a touch of something.

See y'all tomorrow for What to Eat Wednesday!

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