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Pattern Review - Simplicity 1322

Man, I feel like I'm being pulled in 8,000,000 directions. 

First there was Thanksgiving, and everything that hosting Thanksgiving dinner entails. You know what I mean. 

Now, it's time to get ready for Christmas, and with Christmas comes Christmas parties. Company Christmas parties. 

I searched my closet, and my now-growing dress selection, and none of them were right. I mean they're all *fine*, but I don't want *fine*. I want something that's classy, yet a little sexy, and maybe on the fitted side. 

Don't get me wrong. I love my full skirts and cinched in waists, but I can really only take so many of those outfits, and it just seems like my closet is overrun with those types of dresses or date dresses. You know the dresses that you only pull out for your husband/boyfriend/whatever because it's a *date*. Not something I'd wear to the hubs company Christmas party. 

Luckily, I had a pattern in the wings! And fabric! Double score. 

I'm going to let you guys in on a secret. I bought the fabric and the pattern over the summer. It's been waiting to be made for months, but I love how it turned out! 

It's classy and chic, and I can wear it so many different ways! I'm modeling it here in my room, that looks like a tornado hit it, and in front of a yogurt smeared mirror. I'll blame Baby Girl for all of it. I mean, it's probably her fault. The mirror is definitely her fault. So the pattern is ridiculously easy to whip up, and the directions are super easy to follow. I did have to alter it, because of my hips, but my hip ruler again, comes to the rescue. 

Like I said the skirt is super versatile, and I ended up using a decorator weight denim, that I washed up like I would normally launder the skirt so that it didn't shrink or do anything funny after the first time I wore it. I happen to be wearing another shirt that I made eons ago, and it worked with the skirt. Love my button downs. 

I am going to pair this skirt with a New Look pattern for the hubs Christmas party. I think its going to work really well. I hope it does, because I don't have a backup plan. You can expect a review on it hopefully next week. 

Thanks for visiting today! 

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