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Building Some Storage

Why is it that whenever January rolls around the hubs and I take on the house?

If you'd guessed holiday clean-up, you'd be wrong. It's Super Bowl.

We've hosted Super Bowl parties fairly regularly, but this is our 2nd year hosting it for the neighborhood. I'm actually excited. Well not to say I wasn't excited last year, because I was. The Pats were playing. I have to be excited for that. Patriot fan by marriage here.

I'm doubly excited this year, because of this!

That is 12.5' feet of amazing storage. My books will finally have a centralized home! It's only taken 7 years! Hah! It also holds a TV, video game crap, and board games. I'm over-the-moon excited to start this behemoth of a project.

We're going to save ourselves some headache by buying pre-made unfinished cabinets, and then topping them with the bookcases, similar to what we did in Baby Girl's room.

You can read up on how we built this {HERE}.

So back on topic, here's what the basement did look like. This picture is a few years old. Furniture has since moved around since it was taken, but it's all going to move again, so there's no point in showing you the disaster that our basement is right now. Those pictures will come later. After construction has started.

That is the original behemoth that the hubs built for our vast collection of DVD's, and that picture doesn't even do justice to our DVD collection, because not all of them were up yet. About a year ago, the hubs moved us to a digital media library, and all of those DVD's just collected dust. Honestly, I can't remember the last time we even used our DVD player for a movie. It plays Baby Girl's Princess CD more often.

That TV is long gone, but the big red couch is still around. We're going to recycle a lot of the wood for the new behemoth. Behemoth 2.0 if you will.

So that wall will house the new behemoth, and the couch will stay. For now. Unless I find a fan-freaking-tastic deal on craigslist or our yard sale site for a sectional.

Wish us luck this weekend! Juggling this project and the kids' schedules is guaranteed to stretch our patience.

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