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Finished Media Center

Well it's done.

The behemoth is complete.

Thank goodness.

Not that I don't totally love that the hubs and I built it, by ourselves, but man..........

Building it was the easy part. That finishing part......

It's a darn good thing, it's so freaking gorgeous, or else I might be a little more bitter about spending 16+ hours with it, just painting and sealing it.

There she is! All done and looking just so pretty.

Here she is again.

Yea, I added notes to the picture. There are still plans. Luckily, they're all smaller and easier than building this thing was.

My favorite part of this project are the tops. They came out beautifully.

As you can see, the TV is sitting on top of most of the walnut board. It's part of the reason we're getting a wall mount. The fact that the TV will be better viewed on the wall also plays a part.

I think one of my favorite nooks of this area is the reading nook we created, and the baseball wall. I do love the baseball wall. The hubs is from Boston and loves all of their sports teams, but if I were to weigh in, I think the Red Sox are his favorite of the Boston teams.

You see that pillow in the chair? I made those pillows years ago, in this post {HERE}. They have survived many a pillow fight and lego war.

I'm glad we were able to incorporate so many cherished and homemade items on the shelves. Here are some of them.

1. is a car that my grandfather made for my uncle, who in turn gave it to my hubs. Coincidentally, one of his favorite woods to work with was cherry.

2. is one of the very first projects I did specifically for my hubs. Those are some of his cigar bands wrapped around small styrofoam balls. Apparently I never wrote a post about them, but I did something similar {HERE}.

3. is another one of my projects for the husband. I made him tile coasters with the dictionary definition of various baseball terms for Father's Day a few years back. Here's a better picture. The original post for these is {HERE}.

4. is a flower that Big Guy made in school last year. I swear it wasn't planned that it's shoved against "Flowers for Algernon". I love the rose that he made. Roses are one of my favorite flowers, after Gerbera Daisies.

If you follow me on Instagram (@SewHalfCrazy) or follow Sew Half Crazy on Facebook then you've seen the close-up of these baskets in the cubbies at the top, but here's what the whole top looks like.

I got these baskets on sale at Target this week, but they were black, and the black was just a little too stark so I raided my spray paint stash and found this Vintage Copper color. I really love that I found this color, because it's going to be used elsewhere in the basement too.

I really can't wait until the basement is done, but unfortunately we've got one wall left to paint. The largest wall in the WHOLE HOUSE. I will be picking up paint before the epic snowstorm we're supposed to get this weekend hits, and then I will be spending my snowy weekend painting this wall, and working on another wood project.

Luckily, once this wall is painted, I can put up all the rest of the artwork we have, because that is a barren wall.

Have a great day y'all!

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