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Small Fry's Not-So-New New Room

Small Fry was a very patient boy for 6 weeks.

6 weeks ago, we told him we'd be updating his room. He needed more space, and with smallest room in the house, the arrangement we had going on for him just wasn't working. 

He patiently waited while we worked on the basement before Super Bowl. Then less than a week after Super Bowl, he had his new set-up. I'll share a secret with y'all - he's worse than me about timelines and what he expects done.

The room isn't completely done, I'm still working on art for him, but he's stopped harping at me for the moment. I told him I'd get back on it after we get through the Blue & Gold Banquet for Big Guy's cub scout pack. 

Unfortunately, I don't think I have a single picture of his room before we changed it, and I didn't clean up his room before I took these photos. This is his room, as I found it when I took the pictures. There are still holes that need to be patched, and a few things scattered around, but for a 6 year-old's room, I am more than impressed with how clean he's kept it this week. 

He and Big Guy used to room together, but when we decided to separate them, Baby Girl was here, and I wasn't going to move her out of her room. So I lost my sewing room. It's all good though, because the happiness that was pouring out of my Fry when we got done with his room was more than enough for me. 

With the change-up to his room, we managed to get rid of a bookcase, and turn his closet back into a closet! We took his old toy storage drawers, and turned them into shelves above his dressers. They show off his Disney figurine collection perfectly! He's also got some mason jars filled with seashells from our visit to Nana and Pop from a few years back, and various rocks from 'mining' expeditions he's been on. 

I gussied up the sides of the drawers with duct tape. I love the chevron pattern! 

I also used the duct tape on the shelf I put up in the corner of his sleep area. He needed a space for his glasses, and since a traditional nightstand was out, this {pinspired} shelf was the ticket! 

He wanted to keep part of the magazine organizer natural, so we compromised. I duct taped the outside, and left the insides natural. Both of us got what we wanted! I also still have one magazine file, so I'm going to hang it in the Big Guy's room, once we decide if he's moving to the basement or not. 

One of the things Hubs wanted to happen in this room, was to return the closet to a closet. With the other set-up, we had Fry's computer in his closet, because it took up less floor space. Hubs hated it. When we were shopping for loft beds, one of the caveats, was that his desk needed to go under it. The SVÄRTA loft bed from Ikea fit the bill! We not only were able to use his existing desk as both a desk and a bookcase (which we couldn't do with the other setup), but he also gained a reading area.

I still need to attach those cords to the bed frame, but we can ignore them for now. The orange table was his original nightstand, but now it serves as a small bookcase, and table. He's also super happy that he can access more of his magnet board. A while ago, we put up that aluminum flashing so he could hang his artwork, without using all of our tape.

The valences were dyed, by the boys and I, several years ago, when they bunked together. They were super simple to do, and a lot of fun. We have a replacement fan for his room, but we need to order the correct downrod for it. The fan is enclosed in the new light, but for right now, there've been no accidents with the current fan. I hope it stays that way.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this little tour of Small Fry's room. I'm very glad he's happy and that it's done, because it's just another thing checked off the list.

Have a terrific weekend everyone!

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