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Pattern Review - Butterick 6285

If you follow me on instagram (@sewhalfcrazy) then you'll have seen this picture, and know I never pass up an opportunity to dress up. I haven't really ever grown up in that respect. I love a reason to get dolled up, and Mother's Day is the perfect excuse.

Sunday was no different. Granted, it was Mother's Day and I'd have been perfectly within my rights to not get dressed at all, but who can pass up a super cute outfit?

I got this outfit done Thursday or Friday. I forget. It's a pattern by Gertie, who I love, and I'm glad that Butterick has picked up.

So the pattern wasn't overly difficult. The skirt was super simple and elegant. It's a basic full skirt, with some fun double pleats to add interest. It also has pockets, which makes it that much better.

I should've made the size 14 skirt, rather than the 16. The skirt sits pretty high up on your waist, and I'm a triangle. I get smaller the closer to my bust you get. No worries. This is not a huge deal.

The top to this outfit is a wrap, and I wish there were a way to lengthen it. There is no provision to lengthen the top because of the way it's constructed. It's fully lined, and the body of the top is comprised of 4 pieces. There are no shoulder seams. You fold the top over your shoulders and sew the underarm/side seam as one continuous line, except on the right side where you leave an opening for the tie to come through and wrap around your waist.

I do like that the ties are nice and wide and can add some length to the top, but if you're going from sitting to standing then you'll need to retuck the top. There's also chance that you show off some skin. If the skirt isn't high enough up on your waist then the top may not reach the waistband.

I didn't plan on standing like a statue while visiting with my family, so I got around the issue by wearing a black tank top underneath the top. It worked like a charm, and added a nice warm layer, since it was a bit breezy.

I need to tighten up the waist on the skirt, but otherwise, the outfit is perfect. I love how simple and elegant the look is, but it's also fun. The print on the skirt is happy without being too loud or in your face. I also love how circumspect the entire outfit is. No need for any specialty undergarments, and as Dana put it, it's a very smart looking outfit.

Don't Mom and I look fabulous? I'm not really that much taller than her, but I'm wearing my heels and she was in flats. You can see where the top has pulled up and away from the skirt, but with my tank you don't notice as much.

I hope you guys have a terrific Tuesday!

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