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DIY Coffee Trivet

So it's no surprise that I love coffee, or that I have several recipes and gadgets around my house solely devoted to coffee, and today's post is no different.

I had a coffee trivet. Only it didn't stand up to the daily abuse it received. Dana actually gave me this tile trivet several Christmases ago, and I loved it. It was just a simple 'B' on the tile with felt pads underneath. It did the job as spoon rest, mug rest, and counter beautifier.  Until it didn't do the last very well. The 'B' started wearing off, and then the trivet just looked kind of sad.

I knew that I was going to attack it with an oil-based sharpie and some kind of coffee hand lettered art, but there were so many choices! How was a girl to choose?

Enter the snarky throwback to my youth and my early introduction to rap. How could I not choose this quote?

Then there was the matter of designing the image. Luckily, I'd found this wonderful tutorial {HERE} on how to hand letter within a circle, and then everything clicked and fell into place.

I actually used one of my larger mugs as my circle guide, and then went from there.

The next time I do a project like this, I will have 2 oil-based sharpies on hand, because the one started running out towards the very end of my project. It was quite annoying, but cest' le vie.

After I let the tile dry for about 24 hours, I baked it in the oven and then let it cool inside the oven, and now several weeks later, my trivet looks as good as new, and it brings a smile to my face every morning.

I do only hand wash the trivet, but it has survived that and coffee stains, and compliments both of my coffee makers. Now I think it's time for another latte. If only I could get my orange sugar syrup right....

That is a post for another day though. Thanks for stopping by!

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