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Change is Good

Ok so by now it's no secret that I love coffee. So it may be a surprise that my coffee station has been a point of annoyance with me. I just couldn't find the right place for it, or maybe I just hadn't found the right balance in my kitchen for all the decor I have in it. Either way....its been solved. :) Well solved except for that desk, but eh, moving on. The working kitchen counters are now just perfect, and here's why. :)
 The desk. Its bad. Really bad. We've got a plan. We need to implement it. Oh and the boys are helping make breakfast. Dev is totally into it. I mean. Well, he's in to whatever was on the tv. Probably Disney or PBS kids, but H was paying attention. Are you wondering about that cabinet door? Yea. Harrison broke it. Right off its hinges. Wasn't that nice? Stephen has since fixed this poor broken cabinet door.
The boys are waiting patiently for the orange sweet rolls to come out. :) 
I rearranged stuff. That helped immensely. Then I had a frank discussion with the hubs about the toaster oven. It was decided that it had to go. In its place we bought a much smaller 2 slice toaster. Yay! That freed up so much counter space you would not even believe! So all these changes made the hubs and I very happy. You see usually the hubs complains when I change stuff around in the kitchen and it had gotten so bad that he even had Devlin complaining about it. Can you believe it? Ugh. Men.
So anyways...he didn't complain this time. He liked it! He maybe even enjoyed it. I really thought that me telling him that by me changing stuff up it makes it cheaper for him, because then I don't spend money. Change is good. He wasn't buying and didn't {except for the $15 toaster) until this change. :) So happy! Oh and yes, my kitchen does usually look this clean on the back counters. I can't stand having them cluttered. Too bad the island and the desk are never even close to this clean. Like I said, we'll get there.
Hey look! There are those orange sweet rolls. :) 
This picture is of my Great-Grandmother, Bet's mom. I miss her so much, but having her in the kitchen makes me feel like she's still included. :) 
 Anyways after finally finding this Utopian arrangement, I decided that the coffee station, while perfect in its new location, needed something more. I know y'all are shocked. I'll give you a  moment to recover. ;-)

I decided that I needed a tray to visually corral the coffee accoutrement. I have a tray! I don't remember how many years ago Stephen gave me this tray {for Mother's Day} but we didn't use it. I had once thought about using it as a picture frame, but back then I didn't know I could use Modge Podge to adhere stuff and well...I was not as craft-savvy as I am now. So the tray came out and I referenced a post by Miss Mustard Seed about doing a faux zinc finish.

Well Modge Podging tin foil to the tray was right up my alley. You see...I fear that I'm going to country or cottage in my decorating. I don't want to go completely one way or another and my tray could be construed as slightly modern so lets glam it up a bit more. This house is full of testosterone so lets help the estrogen fight back by adding some pretty metallic to it!
 I tried to use big sheets of foil so as to minimize the seams in my tray. I also didn't crumple it as Miss Mustard  Seed did, but wrinkles happened anyway. I embraced them. :)
 Rips also happened. Luckily you can patch tin foil. :)
 So there's the finished tray, but wait....there's more! After adding a couple of coats to the tray to make sure it really was waterproof I then let it sit on my kitchen island for a bit. Why? Because I was changing out the coffee container. A while ago I spray painted a large empty can of coffee in copper and then stenciled on the word coffee. Only I never really loved it. It did its job, but it just wasn't pretty enough. So one day while visiting Michael's I spied a 1/2 gallon mason jar. I love me some mason jars and this one was certainly big enough to hold my coffee, at least some of it! Enough of it so that I could relieve my coffee cabinet a bit. So I bought it, and luckily the top on this mason jar was lined in silicone so its also airtight. Yay!
So here is my coffee station now. Love! Perfection! I am très happy with it. :)
I hope you guys enjoyed! I'm going to have another cup of coffee, because ya know....There's too much blood in my caffeine system. ;-)


  1. I really need one of these! We constantly have sugar on the counter from our dish when we make coffee. This is an awesome idea!

  2. Mmmm, coffee. I can smell it just looking at your photos, LOL! The coffee station looks fab!

  3. I love that you linked up your desk area picture on my Reality Collection link party because mine looks just like it, but you just couldn't see it in the picture. It's real life, and sometimes we all have a little of it whether we need it or Anyways, thanks for linking it.


  4. I really like that tray! As far as I'm concerned a girl can never have to much chrome or nickel or....... And I do understand your situation completely. I too live in a household over-run with testosterone!! One hubby, 2 teenage boys, and one tween boy... and the older they get the more testosterone there is! (at least the dog is a female even if she does prefer the guys.. no she's not dainty or even feminine. think HUGE... like 85 lbs of newfoundland/malamute... looks like a LARGE lab. ha ha!)

    Now I will quit writing a book and go back to looking at your blog!!!

  5. Love it! That coffee station is awesome. I know what you mean about the hubby's...mine hates it when I change things, but in the end it's all good. Seems have to have the pain to get the gain. Thanks for sharing and keeping it real.

  6. This is a FANTASTIC project. Great idea! I would be delighted if you would link this to my VIP party today!