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Sofa Table Shoe Organizer

So you know the old saying - "Necessity is the mother of invention"?

That's the reason for today's post.

Our family has a shoe problem. A big one. I may or may not be the biggest offender of this problem, but in my defense, my shoes do make it back up to my closet far more often than the most prolific offenders, my children. I'll give Baby Girl a pass, because she's a toddler.

We have shoes everywhere, and it's not for lack of trying to organize them. We have a shoe organizer, but it just doesn't hold enough pairs, and it's destroying the top of the closet door.

So while grumbling after fussing at the boys for the umpteenth time to pick up their shoes, and then tripping over a pair of my Hub's shoes, inspiration dawned.

The sofa table. I can replace the sofa table with a sofa table height shoe organizer. Apothecary style. I could build it.

From these incomplete but inspired thoughts, this plan came to life.

I looked around online, and didn't find anything that really suited what I needed, but I did take inspiration from several different styles and sources. This design, though, is all my own.

There are 18 cubbies that are more than big enough to fit a pair of sneaker or even a couple of books.

Here's another shot with some dimensions.

The piece is slightly longer than the sofa table we have now, but it's the same height.

Now I just have to figure out the wood requirements and price it out. Given the width, I may end up having Lowe's rip down some plywood boards to the 11.25 width I need. I'll also need some edging for the fronts and sides. I really wish our table saw hadn't died.

Be on the lookout for this project to come to life. I'm desperately tired of cleaning up shoes.


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