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What to Eat Wednesday - To Be Continued...

...Is what my last blog post should have ended with given my recipe for today.  You remember my last blog post, right.  With the topless sandwiches and pandas and everything.  It's here if you don't know what I'm talking about.  Bread, plant matter, and cheese is something Heather and I both love.  I'm continuing the theme this week with one of my favorite quick and easy meals.

Dana's SweTaGo*

*SweTaGo = A portmanteau of sweet potato and goat cheese

-Sweet potato
-Goat cheese

Stab your sweet potato a few times with a fork and then microwave on a plate for five to eight minutes.  Remove the skin from your very hot potato and then mash together with however much goat cheese you like.  Slice baguette into disks.  Spread potato/goat cheese mixture on baguette slices and enjoy!

Warning: This post contains intense scenes of food violence.

I get my potato peeled while still hot so that it can soften up the goat cheese and meld nicely.  It comes off in nice big swaths when you do it hot, too.

Why is the sweet potato always getting stabbed?  Oh well, mix it up.

I like using the garlic and herb goat cheese, but I've used plain.  They're both super yummy.  I also try to use about equal parts goat cheese and sweet potato.  It gives the sweetness of the potato a nice strong undertone of tang.

You know what I do with produce stickers?  I stick'em on me!  Look.  I'm one sweet potato.  And produced in America.  That part's definitely true.  Back to the food!

Aw, snap!  This party just got turned up to eleven!  I added prosciutto to add a nice little layer of saltiness.  I only did a wee bit per baguette round, but you could add more or even use ham or bacon.

And there are my little beauties.  Sweet, tangy, salty, and chewy.  So delicious!  Another bit of fancy toast for us pinkie-raisers.


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