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Got Wood Grain?

I have been in love with wood grain texture for a long time.

The problem?

I couldn't find the perfect grain texture for my house, or if I did the perfection was too expensive. Sadness.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I cut up a random curtain for pillows. Well the pillow today was the other pillow made from that curtain.

This pillow takes some {drying} time and courage to do. Well - courage on my part. So here's what I made, then I'll get to how I had to just jump in to do it.

So this is the first version. My next version was a better evolution, but I do love the exploded views of the wood grain on this pillow.

All I did was cut the squares for my pillow, then I taped all of the edges of one of the squares to my cutting mat. I used masking tape.

Then I had some images of  different wood grain textures in front of me, for inspiration, and I really then just dove in. It was scary as hell. I don't do freehand. Not unless I can undo it. There's no undoing this. I actually started off with the knot that is somewhat off-center and it really just evolved from there.
I used metallic gold paint for this pillow. I love the sparkle and shine it adds to the organic movement of this pillow.

For the next pillow, I used a metallic copper and watered it down, and I was able to achieve a finer line with thinner consistency.
You can seen in the above picture how the copper one is a more complex, but my dear friend, Lauren, took this pillow home. I may have to do another wood grain pillow for the basement. I am so in love with this look.

So here's my new beaut sitting next to the Van Halen (as the hubs is calling it) pillow. :)
Isn't the gold  the right amount of shine to the sea of camel and green? Best part?

This pillow is washable. Oh yea.... :)

See you guys tomorrow!


  1. I really like this! I don't know why, but it really speaks to me. :-)

  2. This is really pretty... I was browsing your blog and all of your pillows are Awesome.

    Jeanna @

  3. Love the pillow! The gold wood grain is just perfection! Great job.